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Parker's Birth Story (Warning: LONG)

Pregnancy with Parker was rough.  I'm convinced that my body reacts to pregnancy with baby boys as if I have poison in my body. I never reach that, I feel so good and I have so much energy, stage. I just don't feel good ever! Just like my other pregnancies, in the beginning, I'm unable to function at all. I'm like, on my death bead sick, lots of throwing up, can barely walk, can't drive, can't.....DO ANYTHING! I'm not exaggerating when I say it is pure hell. So, once I hit the point where I'm not throwing up anymore, (21 weeks) besides my pregnancy with Bailey, I just don't feel good. Luckily though, besides not feeling good ever, my pregnancy was considered healthy and Parker was doing great cooking inside the oven. I was so grateful for that.
Prior to this pregnancy, I had never experienced going into labor on my own. I was induced with both Colton (@ 40 weeks) and Bailey (@39 weeks). So I was hoping to go into labor on my own this time, for the experience and since this was my last pregnancy. Yes, you read that right, LAST. But I honestly didn't think it would happen based on my track record with my previous two.
This is the only prego pic you're getting. Me @ 32 weeks
I finally reach that 37 week milestone, full-term, baby can come any day now. I went to my doctor's appointment that morning. It was a Wed, and since my appointment the week before, I had progressed from a 1 to a 1.5 and I was more effaced (I can't remember the percentages). But I wasn't getting excited about it, my previous two were the same. My Doc asks me if I want my membranes stripped, I always say yes. I will accept whatever, at this point, that could help this baby come along a little bit faster naturally, but again, I wasn't expecting anything to happen. I was stripped with my previous two pregnancies each week and I still was induced.

I go home and just go about my day normally. I didn't feel any different all day. Colton was on a flag football league, and had his championship game that night. His team won the championship, so after the game,we went to dinner at Italian Village, in Holladay, to celebrate. Went to bed, and I woke up in the middle of the night with pretty painful contractions. I had an app on my phone, at the time, to time contractions and I was trying to time them to see if they were regular or not. But I had a hard time staying awake and I was pretty sure they were irregular. Yes they were painful, but irregular. 
By morning they had gone away. 
Matt wasn't working that morning, so we took the kids and walked around the mall, went to lunch and just hung out as a family. I hadn't had any painful contractions since early in the morning, so I was pretty sure nothing was going to happen. And nothing did happen all day. 

That night, went to bed, and woke up at 2am with very painful contractions, again. I was positive that they were going to be irregular again, and wasn't being very diligent about timing them. But I guess I started moaning in pain, half asleep, and by 4:30am Matt woke up and asked me if I was okay. He then made me stay up while we timed them, and I was having contractions every 7-8 minutes. But I wasn't convinced that I was actually in labor. I didn't want to go to the hospital and have them send me home so I made myself wait it out. Well by 5:30am, they were getting progressively worse and closer together, only 4 minutes apart and it was not varying at all. We quickly decided that it was probably time and I started scurrying around getting things together while Matt tried to phone someone in the ward to watch our kids. It took awhile for Matt to finally get a hold of some friends to take Colton and Bailey while we went to the hospital. We were finally on our way at about 5:50-6:00am. 

We get to the hospital, they check me, and I've progressed to a 4.5-5. So they admit me at about 6:30am and start an IV of fluids to prepare for me to receive the epidural. My OB then arrives and comes to tell me that he is leaving to go out of town in 2.5 hours and he might not be able to deliver me. (NO! FYI, I  love my OB, he delivered both Colton and Bailey, and I really wanted him to do my last baby!). I  asked him if he could break my water to hopefully speed things up, in hopes to have my baby before he had to leave at 9am? He agreed that that would be a good idea. So he broke my water and said he would call the anesthesiologist to get me going on the epidural asap, because I was trying to be strong but the contractions were so painful that I started tearing up. By the time the epidural is in and medicine is pumping through my body, it is 8am. The meds took the edge off of the contractions, but they were still very painful and it only help for like 15-20 min.

Well, breaking my water must have progressed things in lightening speed because by 8:20am I'm feeling insane pressure and PAIN. SO MUCH PAIN! I tell my nurse, "I'm have tons of pressure and pain, can you please check me?" She takes her time before checking me, and once she finally does, she looks confused and guessed I was maybe at a 6.  She then called in another nurse to come check me, she was like.....I think she is a 10.  And then, no joke, they call a third nurse in to check me (maybe the first two nurses were kind of new?).  And she confirmed that all she could feel was head, and that I was fully dilated and ready to push. That is when things got a little chaotic. I was in intense pain, the epidural officially was not working, I got it too late, and I was just trying not to push.  The pain was insane and I only got relief when I pushed. But my doc wasn't there yet, and the nurses weren't ready. So I just had to felt like eternity. My doc finally showed up, they prepped him, and finally they are ready for me to push at 8:50am. And BOOM, Parker was born at 8:53am. It seriously worked out perfectly for me. I had my baby full term, at 37 weeks. I didn't have to endure another 2 weeks of pregnancy...AMAZING. And my doc got to deliver me literally RIGHT BEFORE he had to leave to go out of town.

Parker made his debut with a full head of dark hair and weighing in at 6 lbs 4 oz and 18.5 inches. Recovery is a breeze with a 6 pound baby! Seriously, all of you 6 lb baby mama's out there are LUCKY! Compared to 9 pounds (Colton) and 8.5 pounds (Bailey), and not to mention the genetics of big heads, I was seriously in heaven. I was walking around just a couple of hours later and I felt really, really good!

Here are a bunch of pics to give a small glimpse of the last 6.5 months with the new member of our family:


Since welcoming Parking into our family, it has been chaotic.  But a great transition.  Colton and Bailey, still to this day, fight over Parker's attention. Sometimes I look at all three of my kids and i'm in awe.  I think about how amazing this body of mine is to grow these three beautiful children! Having kids is such a strange thing. I wanted to be done having kids after Bailey. And even being pregnant with Parker, finding out I was having a boy, I had this image of Bailey as a baby, in my head.  How much I loved and adored her. I could not get enough of her!  I couldn't imagine loving another baby as much as my Bailey. I'm not kidding, it was extremely hard to fathom it. But it is funny how having another child makes room in your heart for you to love even more.  

Pic from just a few weeks ago at Colton's soccer game
I'm grateful that we decided to take the plunge and have one more baby.  All of that time before getting pregnant with him, I kept having this feeling and yearning for another baby. Not just baby hungry feelings. But I had a very strong feeling that there was another little spirit waiting/wanting to come and join our family. He is such a happy baby, always smiling, and just has the sweetest disposition. He loves to be cuddled and absolutely loves his soothie binky. I love him so much, that I feel like I'm bursting at the seams. And those dark features that he got from me absolutely kill me.  I say it all the time, I absolutely LOVE having a baby that looks like me.  

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